© Melissa Schriek / Winner of The Prix Photo Herez Corpo 2021

"The Prix Photo Herez Corpo is the first commissioned prize dedicated to corporate photography, established in 2021 by Maison Herez, a wealth management advisory firm. This unique award invites photographers to explore and reinvent the themes of family and entrepreneurship.

The award's theme, "Reinventing Family and the Entrepreneur," intertwines two significant aspects of life. The family is envisioned as a group of close, caring individuals, offering a unique and comforting space characterized by intergenerational relationships and unparalleled support. In contrast, the entrepreneur is portrayed as a passionate individual dedicated to their craft, embodying perseverance with a ratio of 90% work to 10% talent, driven by strong self-discipline.

© Melissa Schriek / Winner of The Prix Photo Herez Corpo 2021

Photographers interested in participating must submit a minimum of six photos for the preliminary selection, with three photos illustrating the family theme and three depicting the entrepreneur. Participation is free, and selected photographers must complete both series if chosen. Each submission must include the two series of photos, a CV, an artist's bio, and a statement of intent. Incomplete submissions will be rejected, and the jury will place a high emphasis on the editing and selection of images. All submissions must be completed and validated by July 9, 2024.

The winner of the Prix Photo Herez Corpo will be required to develop their two series in accordance with their statement of intent, ultimately presenting seven photos for the family series and seven for the entrepreneur series. Submissions must be sent before July 9, 2024, to the email address inscription@herezcorpo.fr.

The prize for the winner includes a grant of €6,000, and two of the winning photographs will be included in the Herez collection, with production costs covered by Maison Herez. The jury, which is currently being finalized, will shortlist 12 submissions under the guidance of Frèd Blanc, the artistic director of the award. The shortlisted entries will then be presented to a diverse jury of business and photography professionals, including Valérie Belin, a renowned photographer; Denise Zanet, Director of Initial LABO; Benoit Pelletier, publisher, artistic director, and photographer at Process Editions; Frèd Blanc himself; Patrick Ganansia, Co-President of Maison Herez - Groupe Cyrus; and a collaborator from Maison Herez.

For more information, prospective participants can visit herezcorpo.fr.

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